The Ventura County STEM Network (VC STEM) is an initiative started by the Ventura County P-20 Regional Council, a group of key decision makers from education, business, parent organizations, and community agencies dedicated to improving academic access and excellence. California State University Channel Islands serves as the primary lead for VC STEM.


VC STEM is a collaborative and interdisciplinary community working to foster the development of tomorrow’s STEM leaders. Together we – leaders from higher education, PreK-12 education, business and industry, national parks, local and state government, the military, and non-profits – are laying down a local infrastructure extending from pre-kindergarten to post graduate studies that will encourage our students to be curious and engaged, and ensure that they are prepared, able and ready to join the STEM workforce and become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

For more information visit VC STEM's website at:

Ventura County P-20 Council


Tel: 805.383.1900


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